Friday, March 09, 2012

New Activity on Wednesdays

I just joined a club called the Sun-U Nerf club. This club is a first person shooting game in real life using Nerf Blasters as weapon. Chasing people to shoot and dodging bullets is the main activity for this club. Of course it comes with several game modes created by our club president.
(Whats NErf???)

So last Wednesday I joined the club by first purchasing a N-strike Recon cs-6 model gun that looks like this:

Well, it also looks like this for easy maneuvering and increase agility:

So, here I spent RM85 for this toy to join the action every Wednesday. Its quite fun when u go around shooting people. The main aim is to exercise and sweat it all out!

Looking forward to the gathering...

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Year, New Fate

The year is now 2012.
12 years has passed and its time for the Dragon to rise again. This year, its the Water Dragon which means no red or yellow or any color that represents fire. Black, Green or Blue is the theme for this CNY season! Do you think its weird when a whole family dress in those colors going to a restaurant to have their reunion, or Chor Yat lunch?? Looks like a funeral ceremony just ended to me :S

That's me in black @ a restaurant! Owh, what an angle for my lil cousin sis.

I'm sure many people get to see these words "fook" that is written upsidedown around almost in every Chinese household.

The mini clipped-on "fook"s on my dining table

Then the next popular item for CNY are the mandarin oranges. Wow, even our Malay friends head to the supermarkets to buy boxes of "limau" home to savor.

Those in my house are a lil special, these are smaller mandarin oranges. There is a name for it, but i've forgotten. So here's a bowl of it. Oh, its seedless...yeah...

Every year, our parents will head to the bank to change for new notes so that they could give us ang pau, red packets with new notes in it. Usually it comes in RM1, 5, 10 and 50's. I rarely seen a stack of hundreds. But this year, something new has been introduced! A new gold coin that replaces the old 1 ringgit coin.

Our new 50 cents is now smaller, lighter and GOLD!

Last and the best is every New year, it is best accompanied with Fireworks! Of course they are also firecrackers too and these are real bombs! Bombs that lightened up the sky with colors and patterns that cherish all young and old hearts... More to come on the 8th Day of CNY at 12am when the Hokkiens celebrates!

Here is one to share with you...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Less Than 1 Year to go

In less than 10 months time from now, I will be officially ending my student life. I've enjoyed much enough for the past five to six years as a Student and now its the time to end it. All good things must come to an end.

Anyway, I still have some 10 more months to go!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finally I got back my account

It has once again been awhile since i last blogged. One of the reasons is I can't log in to my account because google has bought over blogger and it requires a gmail account where my gmail has nothing to do with this account. I was able to sign in using gmail but i don't need it a new account and I don't want to start all over. I like this account with all my memories attached to it.

I guess no one reads this blog anymore. So its now my online diary for myself and maybe random people who don't know me stumbling across this blog and reads it.

Life is never fair. One of the unfairness is when you finally get something that you wanted for a long time, there is not much time life for you to enjoy it. The reason is, I finally found something I like to do here in Sydney but my time left here is very limited. So, I guess I have to live with it. Can't do anything.

Another life lesson learned which closely relates back more than a year ago is that you will not learn how to appreciate something priceless until its gone. Then you start to realize it was the best damn thing you ever had. People come and go in your life, its up to you to grab hold of that particular person who comes buy and make sure they stay. Once you let go, you will never get them back and all you can do is to take a lifetime to forget them.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cloudy & Rainy

Time flies, as we speak we're in October where another closure of a semester draws near. The season around this time is mostly cloudy and rainy most of the time. As this blog stays untouched for quite some time. This blogging attitude is just like a burning flame. It goes off as one starts to cool down and goes up when there is a great presence of passion. For now, there is not much for me to tell because my mood is just like the current season. Rainy and cloudy most of the time.

It has been an awkward semester. Things seems to be quite off the track. Most of my friends gone, love interest gone, leaving me with some college friends to mingle with. Home is where I'll be after classes and during holidays. Away from the society... Looks very unlike me here but accept it or not, that me for now.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

June-July Sembreak

Sem break is coming to an end. New classes starts next week and I have a supplementary test to take for a subject (Professional Development 1). I don't mind that subject scoring a pass because I knew I deserved that result as consequences from my behavior during last sem. All I can do is to pass the supplementary exam and aim for better scores this sem. That's for upcoming uni events update.

So far, what's happening during this sem break?

  1. Malacca with Sober and Michelle, meeting up with uni friends.
  2. To Cameron, a couples trip. Ipoh for food.
  3. Aunt Maggie and Bro Steve's Wedding @ Penang

The trip started spontaneously when I suggested to Sober right after my final paper. Reached there around late afternoon and we had a cat and mouse race to look for my uni frens. Well, its all worth it I guess because we had a great fun overall.

Climbed the hill and visited this historic monument which I had came here so many times. Michelle was experiencing her 1st time here.

Owh, Sober tries to reach the tower but then to find out it was locked. So he decided to post for a shot while he's up there.

This is like a scene from a movie. We should wear costumes to suit this scene ya!

A week plus later, we had a trip up north to Ipoh with me and Ice plus Sober and Michelle. John and Emelly head south to Ipoh from Penang and here, at my house is where we met before heading up hill to Cameron. Altogether 6 of us or 3 pairs ride into my Avanza ( a perfect car for a group of 6) with me as the trip's driver + gps. We stayed at an apartment own by my dad's customer. The price was really worth it for a night. They complaint Cameron was warm when they were sleeping but the forces of nature took revenge with cloudy and drizzling skies with strong cold wind the next day. Now they said its too cold.

Most pictures are on facebook.

Drinking session with liquor provided by Sober for us. We had it at the apartment's balcony.

Climbing a hill to get this view is really challenging for unfit people like me. It was a good exercise practice. They are posing while I'm shooting them. No pic for me :(

Aunty Maggie and Bro Steve (now have call uncle They finally had their wedding dinner ceremony. Congratulations!
Headed up north to Penang (10/07/10) and straight to the location after picking up my sis from the airport. We had to help up in some preparation before the dinner. It was kinda havoc and things went a little haywire as there are many guests waiting to enter the dinner hall while we were having the tea ceremony. We kids got ang pau from them too :)

Too bad Bronson was unable to join us as he is currently residing in Brisbane, AU. So here is me and Charleston with my dad.

Uncle Alex and Jo Ee joined the fun.
(pics were taken by my sister)

Yea, this is baby Bosco Saw.. my cousin bro. Look at him, he's all grown up already!

These are the latest updates so far. This Wednesday is the JKR speech my dad's gonna deliver at JKR technician department. Lets see what I can capture on that day...

~Missing my Ice Ice~

Friday, June 11, 2010


Lets see, some of you who knows me well enough would say "Terry is a photographer, he knows how to take great pics!". Well, I don't think so and just consider myself as an amateur unlike those who holds and wields their SLR camera fitted with a speed light Flash on it without knowing how to operate the cam or the engineering behind the machine calling themselves pro. Personally I despise those who likes to Show Off! On the other hand, I really admire those who really have the heart to learn and explore taking pictures.

Talking about photoshop, I know how to open file and crop pictures with it only. That's why I use ACDSee insead of Adobe Photoshop. Its much easier and simpler. Usually, I would seek for help when I face more sophisticated tasks. Thanks to me, I lost all my reliable sources :(
Up until recently I was forced to learn how to operate and utilize the tools in Photoshop. So i start Adobe Photoshop 7.0.

The main thing i learned is only how to extract object from a photo. Much to be learned...

Just like this photo...Some guy here posing as a SWAT team with the Green background. Ready to extract him out and put him in some combat like background.

Okay, I had a Cosplay session at LT's with his full gear of SWAT ops gadgets. Fullly equipted with a Kevlar Vest (Bullet proof jacket), Pistol, Rifle etc. It was fun thou, but then the pictures are abit blurred.

Okay, the main thing here I'm tying to say is I learned how to use photoshop to make these brochure...

Few Raw photos taken and the using the magic wand tool to extract them out. At 1st, its kinda fun to learn and play with something new cuz the effects were impressing. But once you do it for like 30 objects, omg...sien dou sei ah! hahahaha... It simply turns fun into boredom.